About Us Find out what makes us the right place to buy your next vehicle.

About Us

We are an independent family-owned car dealer with 50 years of experience. We have a fresh approach to the motor trade which has led to an unrivalled word-of-mouth driven business and pride ourselves in our one-stop for all your motoring needs.

You will always find a generous range of quality cars in stock however, if we don’t have exactly what you are looking for, our sales team will work with you to source it.

Our commitment to service and the pride we have in our cars means that we operate an open-door policy we want people to come and enjoy the experience by seeing and feeling our stock for themselves.

Our range of finance options make it easier to afford your ideal car. Whether you want to do hire purchase, personal contract purchase or lease we can advise you on all options available. The plans are all flexible and will set the payments based on your budget.

We can take care of your car to help it live a long and healthy life through our workshop, which offers all kinds of servicing, MOT and repair possibilities. Our technicians are all experienced and work hard to keep our customers cars in first rate condition.

If you want a quality car and guaranteed peace of mind then you can be confident in placing your requirements in our hands. So please contact us today to see if we have a vehicle to suit your wants and needs.


Victor: The Boss

Victor has years of experience in the motor trade and has a superb knowledge of the industry. He attributes the success of S McAfee & Son largely to the team around him and his strong emphasis on customer care. He still enjoys his stock car racing, where he likes to be known as the ‘young’ veteran.


Nigel joined S McAfee & Son in July 2013 as a member of the sales team. He resembles, but is not related to, Victor. Nigel helps to keep us up to date with the newest technologies and enjoys studying computer programming in his spare time. He is always up for a laugh and tells the best stories.


Paul has a magic touch when it comes to fixing cars. He has nearly 30 years experience in the industry and will soon be with the company for 25 years. Paul’s passion for engines is clear as it is also one of his biggest hobbies in the form of stock cars those engines won’t build themselves I guess.


Davy has been in the motor trade for 35 years, former master Vauxhall technician, he joined S McAfee & Son in 1999. Davy is a famous whistler while he works and has one of the most contagious laughs to be heard. His hobbies include rally cars and shooting …….. ‘clay pigeons’.


The baby of the workshop – “Paul’s son”. Jonathan also joined us as an apprentice after school and has completed his training and NVQ exams with ourselves. He was a Man United supporter until 2 years ago when he became an Aston Villa fan. He blames the shift on David Moies. Jonathan enjoys football both on and off screen and he plays a couple of nights a week.


Jonny has been part of our valet team for 11 years, he has a tremendous eye for detail and is a real perfectionist when it comes to cleaning cars. He has even been known to research the latest car detailing trends on the net and put some of the tricks into practice at the garage. He recently got into fitness and is now a fully qualified spin cycle instructor.


The helpful, cheery, Yorkshire man. Roy started as a member of the S McAfee & Son valet team in 2004. He also enjoys helping customers to pair mobile phones to cars and tune radios. You will always know when Roy has been working on a car as the radio will be tuned into Downtown. Roy is a pet lover and has 2 dogs at home who he loves to dote on.


Des takes time off from his golf career to help out at S McAfee & Son. He is always on the go collecting cars, parts and people from all over Northern Ireland. He is practically a human GPS with his fantastic knowledge of the roads of NI.


Not just a pretty face, Sarah handles our customer service and marketing. She enjoys travelling and has worked and lived in a number of countries including Italy and Australia. However there is no place like home and she is now enjoying being a part of the family business in Ballymena.


“The Bosses Wife”. You will be lucky to catch Janet as she only works part time we joke that her arrival conveniently coincides with our morning coffee break. Janet helps to keep on top of accounts and general admin.